Desiderio N°1 Prosecco Rosé DOC


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Desiderio N°1 Prosecco DOC


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Desiderio No. 1 Rosso Spumante NV


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Desiderio No. 1 Rosé Spumante 2021


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Who are we?

Vintner began when two seasoned wine enthusiasts looked at the way wine was being marketed to the modern drinker, got frustrated and said, “what the f*ck are we doing?” Why is wine intimidating and condescending? Why are people paying so much for some bottles and not others?

Having spent a whole load of money on misleading and underwhelming wine, we set out to make wine easy. Easy to choose, easy to buy and easy to enjoy.

Does wine ever seem a bit much? Loads of choice, too many different unpronounceable names and no idea if you’re going to enjoy what’s in the bottle. Sure, they say this wine goes with fish and that one goes with beef, but which one goes with a Friday night in with your friends? And which should you open the first time you’re cooking for a new love interest?

Why Vintner?

We make wine easy and fun, like it should be.

Hand-picked bottles

Ever had supermarket fatigue? The dreaded wall of wine where you may as well shut your eyes and pick one at random. Let us do the hard work for you and pick some incredible wines.

Concise Lists

Unlike other wine retailers, we keep a concise list which means we know our wines inside out. We try every single bottle (hard work, we know) to make sure each glass is pure deliciousness.

Amazing Value

The wines we sell are always punching above their weight. With exclusives you won't find anywhere else and hidden gems, you'll always get bang for your buck.


Delivered with next day delivery and handled with care from our trusted friends at DPD, you'll receive your wine right when you need it. Which was yesterday, am I right?

Carbon Neutral 🌱

All our wine deliveries are carbon neutral and are in 100% recyclable packaging. We also consider how we stock our wine and where it comes from to reduce our climate impact.

Vintner Guarantee

Sure, we get it. Some wines just aren't to your taste. And while we believe that Chardonnay is actually a superior wine, if one isn't for you let us know and we'll make it right.

Not your cup of tea?
Vintner Guarantee

Give the wine a try. Drink it with friends, at a picnic or with food. Wine is often about where, how and who you drink it with. But if you really aren't a fan of a bottle, just let us know and we'll make it right for you.
And for wine's sake, get over your fear of Chardonnay.

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We’ve Got You Covered

Why choose Vintner?

Vintner is a modern day merchant designed with you in mind. We find wines that fit with you and your life, not the other way around.

How much is shipping?

We charge £8.95 for orders up to £60 and £6.95 for orders between £60 and £120. Anything over £120 is on us!

What if I don't drink one of the wines I've received?

Go on - give it a go. Our wines are designed to broaden your horizons and help you fulfil the adventurous part of your soul. If you give it a go and still don't like something, let us know and we'll make it right.