5 great ideas for a socially distanced autumn made better with wine

Have you looked outside recently? Autumn is well and truly here. Nights are darker, the heating is on, maybe you’ve even switched out your summer wardrobe for your winter-wear. But don’t despair. Autumn is also the time for cosy nights in, for discovery in the dark and for a little sparkle. Looking for something fun to do, with a little wine on the side? Vintner has you covered…

Netflix Party

Bored of sitting in alone watching Netflix, wishing you could chat with your besties about your favourite box set? Well say hello to Netflix Party. The premise is simple. Log in, your Netflix will sync, and you can watch together, whether its texting along, or going all in with a Zoom call.


Better still, you can also order the same box from Vintner, and uncork in tandem, to enjoy the same wine paired with your TV of choice. We recommend the Soli Pinot Noir, it goes well with gritty dramas and thrillers, as well as comedies.


Lonely autumn nights be gone. Sync into a box set.


Poker Night

Late night’s around a table are something of a rare commodity of late, but as with many things, the online version is keeping us from missing out. Over the recent months, Anna of Team Vintner, alongside her cousin, brother, and their partners, have been keeping lockdown boredom at bay playing virtual poker. The poker ‘room’ is on one screen, and a Zoom call on the other – clever, eh?


As a Yorkshire native, Anya was born with a naturally tight fist, (only people from Yorkshire can say that about other people from Yorkshire, FYI), so she likes to have a cheeky glass or two to really get me in that gambling mood. The ideal wine to match depends on how good you are at poker, ideally it would be a Rosso No. 1, but if lady luck isn’t on your side, then perhaps the False Bay Syrah is a goer.


Glam Up To Stay In

The spectacle of a night out has all but disappeared of late. We all miss it, a night on the town, whether its date night, meeting friends, or a dinner catch up with your bestie. But have you tried a night in with all the same glamour?


Make a treat of your night by bringing all the best of a night out out, in (in). Dress to impress the people you live with, put on some music, and dust down the dinner table. Make it interesting by cooking a course each, and choosing wines to pair along the way. The Mâcon-la-Roche-Vineuse is brilliant with everything, and a bottle of Clouet Rose is sure to make a night at home feel like a party for the ages.


Learn Something New (About Wine)

Autumn is classically the time for returning to school, and while your days in full time education might be long gone, perhaps you can use the time at home to learn something new about something old.


When you used to go out, maybe the long wine list was filled with bottles you’d never heard of, and you stayed away in case of a disappointing tipple. Well this is your chance to improve your wine game. You’re never too old to meet a new grape, so experiment a little in the comfort of your own home, and take a tour of the lesser known bottles. Have you ever had the oldest French sparkling wine?


Now is the time to learn a little more, and your taste buds will thank you along the way.


Booze & Book Club

Autumn brings with it roaring fires, filling living rooms with the warmth and light of licking flame. What better place to curl up with a good book? All that’s missing is someone to share it with. Lets fix that with a Booze & Book club. Gather your bibliophile friends on a zoom call, hit the books, and enjoy a glass or two of your favourite bottle as you share your thought on whatever novel takes your fancy.


Looking for an excellent wine to pair with your reading? The Oliver Zeter Riesling is basically a Mojito, and you know Hemmingway knew plenty about good literature.


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Written by Matt Mugan