5 Top Veganuary Tips

It’s January, which for some also means Veganuary, an annual pilgrimage (without the travel) to a land of animal product-free living. If this is your first time starting a year without meat, you might be finding it a little tough at this midpoint, so we’ve gathered our top tips together to set you off in the right direction. Devour with delight…


Wine Can Be Vegan

You probably thought that all wine was vegan, it’s made of grapes after all. Alas that isn’t the case for many bottles. For those who are interested, there are processes to make the wine clear (clarification) that involve animal products at some wineries. Fear not, the month need not be dry! Times are changing, and you don’t need to visit vegan shops to find incredible wine that uses vegan-friendly clarification methods; in fact over half our wines at Vintner are vegan. You might even have been a vegan wine drinker without knowing it, and if you weren’t before, now is time to try.


Plan Your Meals

It’s so easy to go to the shops now and buy yourself a vegan sausage roll or a pack of Oreos. You can get plenty of vegan junk food, but that’s not really what Veganuary is all about. Veganism is a great way to eat more healthily, but you can give yourself an extra boost on your 31 day journey by planning to eat healthy too. Whole food meals deliver all the vitamins and nutrients you could ever need, and helps you stick to your vegan ways throughout the month.


Make Your Intentions Clear

Are you going vegan because you are concerned about the environment? Or because you’re worried about animal welfare? It could also be the health kick you need, a boost to the new you in 2022, or simply because you saw in on the ‘gram. There are so many great reasons for going vegan so arm yourself with all the positives and remind yourself about them when you’re having a weak moment. Remember: veganism is not a fad diet, it’s a philosophy.


Don’t Give Up

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you fall off the wagon. It happens, especially when everything is upside down, as things often feel at the start of a year, never mind one that follows 2021! Be kind to yourself, draw a line under it and carry on.


Find New Favourites

If you find yourself missing  your favourite meaty meal, try new ways of recreating it with different ingredients. Love fish and chips? Try ‘tofish’ & chips, a satisfying chunk of smoked tofu wrapped in nori and deep fried in vegan batter (it's great, I've tried it!). You get the idea. There’s a whole world of exciting food for you to discover! And while you’re at it, how about a new favourite wine? Now that’s always worth trying…


Whether you’re trying Veganuary for the first time, or you’re a full time herbivore, keep positive, get (or stay) healthy, and enjoy life with a little vegan wine on the side. We’ll be exploring the best of vegan wine this January, so to those of you starting the challenge, good luck, and stay tuned.


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Written by Matt Mugan