A Very Merry Vintner Christmas

Do you remember last year’s office Christmas party? It’s been coming back to you for the last 12 months in waves of varying embarrassment. You told yourself this year would be different, and how right you were. Maybe you’re rather happy about avoiding the awkward conversations and impending sense that your boss is watching when you spill your drink/completely forget the punchline for the only joke you know/photocopy your bum, but just because we can’t be together for Christmas parties this year, doesn’t mean we can’t create the vibe at home. Have you considered it with a little wine? Surround yourself with the personalities (in wine form) that you’re sure to encounter at the annual soiree and you can have a party for one where you’re just as merry, have full deniability of any wrongdoing (just don’t drunk text!).


The Organiser

They sent you an email in August telling you to save the date, and have been wearing a Christmas Pudding headband since Halloween. You admire them for there spirit, and when they sent you that video invitation of the whole office dancing as elves, you smiled before you forgot about RSVP-ing. This is their time to shine. Embrace them for their wintery goodness and sweet nature. They are the Oliver Zeter Great Bear 'Goldschatz', the sweet wine of the party, and come the end of the evening, they’ll be there for the final glass, looking to put a final smile on your face.

The Dancer

The office ball of energy, the Dancer hasn’t stopped since you first met them. They’re at the gym most days, and have stories every Monday about their eventful weekend. Well now it’s your turn to see them in all their glory. Every song is their anthem, and their spirit animal is Mariah. As soon as Spotify kicks in they’re up, a full dance card, and everyone must join in if they are pointed at. At the end of the night they go home having had the best time. Everyone else has even better videos. Bubbly and going off with a bang, the Dancer is a Jelmas. Just don’t shake too much before heading to the dancefloor.

The One Who Leaves Early

They seem like they're the life of the party, topping up drinks, blending seamlessly into every group, and heading to the dancefloor with an array of surprisingly good moves. You’d hate them if they weren’t such great fun. But it can’t last forever and they're more of a fire work. Fast, loud and gone before you know it, with just the memory of them to make you smile. They’re the James Bryant Pinot Noir – Perfect for Christmas time, but so easy to get along with that they’ve disappeared in no time at all. Fortunately you can invite their twin to the party.

The Jekyll and Hyde

You always wondered what they did for fun, and now you know, they metamorphosise. They’ve been sweet and innocent all year, entirely unassuming, and who knew they had all this personality underneath. Share one glass with them and discover a whole new colleague. Dancing, chatty, downright hilarious. Where have they been all year? You become best friends instantly, and are sure to outlast the festive season. The Custoza, the most unassuming of bottles, hides a personality of vibrant stone fruit that will see you smiling, chatting and asking for more and more.

The Mistletoe Lurker

Who brings mistletoe to a Christmas party? Certainly not HR. They’ve plenty to deal with already, and they don’t want to know. Anyway, it’s here now, and so is the mistletoe lurker who seems determined to mark the lips of everyone they can catch. As the night goes on, the number red stained lips of partygoers grows, but so do the smiles that come with it. Ruby red lips and lingering smiles, that has to be the Alceo Tempranillo . The only trouble is denying yourself another delicious taste.

The Dressed to Impress

They’ve been preparing for this night for weeks. Outfits have been considered and cast aside, accessories bought and returned for something better and finally they are ready. This is their moment, and they arrive fashionably late to make sure everyone sees as they enter in a wave of glitter and heels. They’re glamour incarnate. The rest of the night is symphony of “Oh my gosh! You look amazing!” and lingering looks of equal parts awe and attraction. They are André Clouet Rosé Champagne – class in a glass, with a little colour to make everything pop.

Sure, the Christmas party this year will be different, but it doesn’t have to be a dud. Gather your friends on zoom, and your colleagues in bottle form, and make some memories that will make for the best stories when you’re back in January.


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Written by Matt Mugan