An Inside Scoop of Vegan

We are halfway through January now, and if you’ve been taking stock of life in a brutal Bridget Jones fashion, and have opted for vegan ways, now is the time that you might be feeling the temptation of a return to meat.


Veganuary was a great idea when you set out on your month-long mission on new years day! You don’t want to do dry January (who wants to give up wine?) and no one has used Slimfast since 1997. It’s the perfect way to show our animal friends the kindness they deserve and do your bit for the planet, all while giving your health and body a boost.


If you’re feeling like the ‘rabbit food’ (it’s not like that if you explore the good stuff) is taking its toll, and you want to quit, you’ll need some tips from someone who knows how to vegan like a boss. Well, you’re in luck! I am a proud vegan and happy to share my life hacks with you so that you can have a happy and successful Veganuary (and beyond, perhaps!)


I first became a vegan at the age of 11, and let me tell you, twenty years ago, there wasn’t anywhere near the amount of choice that there is now. If you told people that you were a vegan back then, it was usually met with disapproval and almost always followed with the question “what DO you eat?”. Well, I remember almost exclusively living off Hummus sandwiches and chips. A meal out was usually the same option no matter where I went; jacket spud with beans and salad (hardly the perfect pairing for a good bottle of wine!). Luckily, this is no longer the case, with plenty of ‘meat substitutes’ to choose from, making veganism a piece of (vegan) cake.


The best advice I can give you if you are embarking on a vegan or vegetarian diet is to set your intention and switch your psychology. If you turn “I want it, but I can’t have it” to “I can have it, but I don’t want it”, things will become much easier. If you’re missing your usual dinnertime meals, chances are there will be a decent vegan alternative… love spaghetti and meat balls with your Barbera La Gemella? Try vegan meatballs. You can get lots of different brands that taste convincingly like the real thing, or you can make your own out of legumes.


If meat alternatives aren’t your thing, there are some ingenious recipes online that do wonderful things with veg. I cannot believe how tasty the humble cauliflower becomes when rubbed with harissa and baked in the oven with chickpeas, preserved lemon and pomegranate. Add a large glass of Grüner Veltliner and you’ll be in heaven.


Now, you’d think that being a wine lover would seriously scupper any vegan diet, after all, when thinking of a bottle of red wine, most assume that it would taste best with roast beef. But by using some well-placed herbs and spices, many vegetables can sing next to even the heaviest weight reds. And now the all-important question, can vegans still have wine? The short answer is yes, but not every bottle (find out why here); while we’re on the subject of wine, Vintner have some incredible vegan wines so you can easily choose a great bottle. Check out our collection here, go on, what are you waiting for? Get moo-ving (sorry, couldn’t resist!)


The harsh truth is that animal products can be found in almost all industries from shampoo, to the tyres on your car and everything in between. Remember to change your thinking to the positive – you can have it, but you don’t want it. There are always alternatives now, and you never know what new things you might discover. It’s a minefield but do your best and you’ll be grand.


We’d love to hear from you if you are doing Veganuary or have any questions! Contact us for moral support and wine convo at

Written by Daniella Santangeli