Gifting for Numero Uno in 2021

My favourite adage is, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” Not only because this prose encourages self-care, but because it also acts as a mantra when hosting dinner parties to ensure that no one ever has an empty glass. Self-care has become a necessity and what better way is there to show how much you care (about yourself) than through the gift of giving (to yourself)? Little wins are important, and Pavlov and Skinner were onto something with this reward for actions thing. Nothing says, “Good job, Buddy! You changed out of your trackpants today” or, “Look at you, you big hero, having a glass of water between each of those 7 coffees you made out of boredom. Well done!” like a gift for number one.

When selecting a gift for oneself you’ve got to consider a few factors such as budget and appropriateness. For example, I’d love a Peloton – but budget. I’d also love some new perfume – but fearful that I’ll convince myself it can replace routine showering, therefore inappropriate. Wine, on the other hand, is budget friendly, a small pleasure and something you can share with others (making you charitable, on top of all your other great qualities).


To help you gauge what sort of wine you might like to gift yourself, I’ve listed down a few tiers of achievement (because apparently we respond well to those) and a perfectly acceptable reward for your accomplishment.


Tier 1 – You gave your wardrobe a birthday

Back at the beginning of Lockdown 1.0 I organised my entire closet. It was satisfying and borderline cathartic to have all of my shirts hung nicely, my shoes all arranged into clear plastic tubs and knowing that my trousers and trackpants weren’t all shoved in the back of a drawer. The chaos has returned since, so it's time to try again. The perfect reward is Albariño, 2019, Terra de Asorei. Bursting with peachy goodness, it says everything is in harmony now! 


Tier 2 – You finally finished that book

Ugh. Reading. Am I right? In all fairness I enjoy reading, but my recent challenge was to re-read “A Little Life” by Hanya Yanagihara. (Don’t do it. Wouldn’t recommend. Way too sad). But we all have that book that takes forever to read. The faint of heart will give up but those of us who are willing to power through those pages deserve a reward. After a lengthy read, you deserve something easy going like the ‘Old School’ Syrah from False Bay. Silky, smooth and totally uncomplicated – just what your brain needs after a long-haul literary excursion.


Tier 3 – You used the exercise gear you neglected through the summer

Okay, we get it - you’re fit. Good for you. Whether you bought a Pilates mat, new bicycle or a set of weights, you should feel good that you’ve invested in your health and wellbeing. That in itself deserves a treat and since you’re into using those muscles, how about you treat yourself to a magnum of Rioja Crianza from Valserrano? Each pour is akin to a mini workout for those arms so you can continue to look good while drinking good.


Tier 4 – You perfected your sourdough recipe

You, like so many others, have invested your time and care into a little baby starter which you’ve nourished and loved to the point where you were probably producing a loaf each day. Big achievement. Huge. And as someone who would struggle to keep a Pet Rock alive, I salute you and think you of all people deserve a reward for your efforts. What you deserve is to take a few slices of that sourdough and make yourself a toasted ham and Comté sandwich. Pair that with a cheeky glass of the Bon Courage Estate Chardonnay and you’ll know what heaven truly is.


Christmas is a time of giving, so now is the season to give yourself a metaphorical pat on the back and treat yourself to something nice. They say, “the punishment should fit the crime,” but I’m more of a “the reward should match the achievement” kinda guy.


So from me to me, and you, go look after yourself. You deserve it.


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Written by Hamish Kirwan