Light Wines for Betwixtmas Times

Well, you over-indulged didn’t you. Nobody can ever say you do things by halves. It was probably around the third turkey sandwich, alongside a glass of port (so much port) that you felt your eyes getting heavy, but you persevered, ending up more stuffed than the turkey, and boozier than the Christmas pudding.


Cue Boxing Day, and a second game of chess between you and the fridge. Delicate manoeuvring of the leftovers, and consistent visits to the wine storage area (at my house it’s the laundry room. I haven’t washed anything for a couple of days, but at least I haven’t mixed up detergent and Durnberg so far) have left you lethargic, and as you sink into the sofa once more, your mind wanders to the new year, and a potential health kick.


Just hang on. It’s only the 26th! There is a whole week of festivities to be had and you wouldn’t want to miss out just because you’re feeling full now. The time between Christmas and the New Year can be just as fun, while also being a lighter, less food-coma-esque affair, and with the right refreshments, the party is just getting started. Here are our favourite ‘in between wines’, perfect for the time between your Christmas indulgence and your new year’s fizz.


À Peu Près Sauvignon Blanc, 2019, David Maudry

If you’re looking for something less heavy, always start with white. Light, fresh and loaded with flavour, this is a simple but yummy Sauvignon Blanc which is perfect when you're looking for something to go alongside whatever you're having for dinner between now and the new year, or to reward yourself for getting dressed on these days off when you’ve got very little to do. For me, it's usually the latter.


Blanc de Noir Rose, 2019, Durnberg

What’s that you’re thinking? Rose isn’t for winter? Well, this isn’t rose, so the purist in you can relax. What it is is refreshment in a bottle. Red apples, raspberries and marzipan flavours will wash away that feeling like you’ve eaten for five. Think of it as a fruity palette cleanser for the soul. A chilled bottle of this beauty will have you light on your feet in time for zoom Charades in no time.


As we head towards new year, remember there are some wonderful Christmas lights to be enjoyed!


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Written by Matt Mugan