Memories Are Made In The New

As the CEO of AirBNB, Brian Chesky, once said, “Repetition doesn’t create memories. New experiences do.” Given, this is a man trying to convince you to stay in a stranger’s house rather than a hotel, but I think there is wisdom in his words that lends itself to wine in the best of ways.


I love opening a bottle of something I know well. It’s like a hugging an old friend. I could drink the Cascadia Syrah pretty much any day of the week and I would be thrilled. The first time I tried it I was on a Zoom call (#perksofthejob) and had to briefly mute myself to warn my partner that if she didn’t pour herself a glass right that second, she’d miss out on getting any as it was disappearing rapidly.


Repetition and familiarity can be wonderful things, but the best memories are often made from new experiences. Getting the balance right when you’re ordering a case of wine can speak to who you are and what type of memories you’re hoping to make. So, where do you sit?

The “Best Friend is not a person, it’s a tier!”

Six best friends (in bottle form) that you’ve had before. Sure, a little less on the adventurous side but you know that every single one is a winner and every time you unbox, you’re rewarded with consistency and satisfaction. You know what you like and you don’t stray from that path. Own it, babe.

The “Safe Flirt.”

If you’re wanting to trifle with some new wines (and you should), you’re going to want a solid group of friends to fall back on if things get a little too funky. (On a separate note: I once had a natural Crozes-Hermitage and it was so funky it made my tongue prickle to the point where I thought I was having an allergic reaction. Very dramatic and true story). 3 of your friends and 3 wild cards to give suggestive winks to. We like your style.

 The “Call me Dora 'cause I’m an explorer.”

Calm down, Indiana Jones. We get it - you want to see the world, and damn it, lockdown isn’t going to stop you. Caution has been thrown to the wind, the shackles of memory cast off and you’ve given in to the new. Sure, you’re always at risk of finding the odd wine that’s destined for the sink, but you know it’s worth it on your journey of discovery. You opt for a case of unknown treasures and you don’t look back. You hero.


When it comes to getting your wines, none (and all) of the options are perfect. The bottles you know are wonderful, dependable, smile inducing options, and the ones you don’t, as long as you look in the right places (wink wink) are sure to bring you head tilting gasps as well. When it comes to what you remember about them, well, we’ve all enjoyed great wine, but the best memories aren’t about what’s in the glass, but what is outside it.


(There's a little bit of Matt, and a little bit of Hamish in this one, so you'll have to guess who had the prickly tongue)

Written by Matt Mugan