Mistletoe & Wine - Vintner's Christmas Playlist

Christmas time = mistletoe, music and wine…


The former, if you’re inclined, the latter a necessity.


Whether you love the sound of jingle bells or hate Noddy Holder and his infamous Christmas announcement (how could you!), you’ll always feel more festive pairing songs with their perfect setting and a wine to match. To help, we’ve even made a Team Vintner Christmas playlist, and here are our first set of highlights.


Band Aid – Do They Know It’s Christmas Time?

Picked by: Julia

The auditory equivalent of the Coca- Cola trucks, this is how Christmas begins. The season's here and it's time to get mega festive. It's a good reminder that the coming weeks are more about giving than receiving, and that hairdo's in the 80's were a total travesty. Fizz the season and a British pop icon? Nyetimber is the required sparkle.



Stevie Wonder – Someday at Christmas

Picked by: Hamish

This is the ultimate tree decorating song. If you're anything like me whereby decorating involves tinsel in one hand and a glass of vino in the other, this is the song you want to be slowly swaying with. The mood will be light, and you need a wine to match. I'll be jigging around with a glass of Bellafiore in hand.



The Pouges & Kirsty MacColl – Fairytale of New York

Picked by: Matt

The moment at the Christmas party (potentially Zoom based this year, but like that will stop you!) when everyone has had just a little to drink and is ready to start singing along. Play it loud and do your best with those lyrics in the middle. The only thing that’s stopping you is the 40-minute cut off... If we can tempt you away from the whiskey, a shanty like this is best with something full of earthiness and spice. Try the Oliver Zeter Pinot Noir.


So there you have it, part one, of several, so go and spread joy with a little music, and a bottle or two. We’ll be releasing more of our favourite festive music pairing throughout the season.

Now all you need is a link to the wine…

Written by Matt Mugan