Our Belief in Uncomplicated Wine

I loved our 2019 Christmas party. We had a great night that involved eating delicious food, drinking copious amounts of wine, and even a cheeky late night/very early morning dance at a nightclub (that in the interest of protecting our integrity, shall remain nameless). I remember the moments we shared, the joy of a year of hard work, a season of fun, and the anticipation of the year ahead (some elements of which have been decidedly better than others!) We also opened and shared an Imperial (6L) of 2001 Chateau Clinet. Now, Clinet has been compared to the greats and it’s not cheap – but as a team, we took on the (very welcomed) challenge of enjoying and savouring this prestigious wine to its entirety. The Clinet was special, but the night was incredible, and it was this experience of a night well lived, with a side of wine, that started the journey to create Vintner.


I love wine, have always worked in the wine industry and it’s how I've met some of my best friends. I’ve known it to be a group of people who are passionate about food, life and experiences. A group that welcomes you with open arms into their vineyards, cellars, wineries, restaurants, bars, shops and sometimes their homes. One of my favourite people in the world, a fellow wine lover, once told me that “wine should always be background music. Always be present and don’t make it your focus.” This has stuck with me since then. The idea that wine can enhance your experiences, but it doesn’t make your experiences.


At Vintner we believe that good wine doesn’t have to be complicated and that it should serve to enhance your moments. As a team we are all for wine and we consider it to be our responsibility and privilege to make sure that wine can be for all. We created Vintner as a place where the curious can experiment and the seasoned can indulge. We are about a relationship with you where we can share mutual enthusiasm and interest for all things wine. We are not here to lecture or to intimidate because we don’t believe in that bullshit. We are about people – from the makers to the drinkers. And while wine is central to what we do, it isn’t our focus. You are.


We are a community, small but mighty, who are in love with a life well lived and the joy that wine can bring to happy moments, and also to some of life’s less joyful ones.


So to our community, we welcome you. We look forward to sharing moments with you and hopefully soon we can share a glass (or two), as well.


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Written by Hamish Kirwan