Our Veganuary Favourites

One of the joys of trying new things is finding something that you love and want to embrace on a full-time basis. Veganuary, for many, is certainly not that. If you’re of a carnivorous persuasion, like I am, the thought of Veganuary conjures thoughts of rabbit food and an empty stomach. This, my friends, is a fallacy.  The explosion in vegan and veggie friendly food options has changed the landscape for carnivorous dinosaurs like me. It’s a brave new world filled with delicious recipes and meat alternatives, and we can all do a little more to look after it.


That’s what Veganuary is all about. Peek behind the curtain, discover the ways of the herbivore and see if you like it. If you do - wonderful, embark on a life of veganism. If you don’t, also great. Life is for living, and eating is a great part of life but that doesn’t mean that veggie highlights are banished from the menu for good. The good and great of vegan food is always worth a seat at the table, so if you’re returning to the meat aisle for the first time since 2020, leave a space for something green.


At the end of Veganuary, Team Vintner share their veggie discoveries that will be adorning their tables from now on and the wines that make them even better.


Daniella’s Wild Mushroom Tagliatelle

Lucy’s Hassleback Butternut Squash with Chimichurri and Pomegranate

Matt’s Pau Bhaji

Anna’s Hungarian Mushroom Stew

Julia’s Coconut, Lime & Tamarind Curry

Written by Matt Mugan