Perfect Picnic Pairing

So, you’re heading outside and thinking about what to take with you? Wine, of course, is already in the bag. That’s one treat sorted, but you don’t want to be that person who just drinks wine in the park, however classy you make it look. You’re going to need snacks, and if it’s outside dining you’re after, you’ll need picnic foods. So, what are the tastiest picnic partners for your picnic vino? Unasked question, answered…

Jelmas & Olives

One of the key requirements for good picnic pairing is portability. Enter the humble olive. Not the small ones, the big green guys. They’re a favourite of Anna, who can devour a tin in no time, and will happily do so with bubbles. The Jelmas Extra Dry cuts through the salty olives, plus you look very suave sipping on park bubbles and popping back olives.


Pinot Noir & Pork Pie

As picnic foods go, the pork pie is probably the quintessential offering. It’s got it all – pie, pork, salty meat flavour. It’s the pinnacle of park frisbee fuel. Now we know that frisbee is curtailed at the moment, but the pie remains a great option, and if you’re having pork, you need a juicy red wine to top it off. James Bryant Pinot Noir from California is all fruit and sunshine, so it’s our go to option. Now, all you need is to make sure you have enough wine for your 4 pack of pies…


Chenin Blanc & Cocktail Sausages

Question: if you don’t have cocktail sausages, is it even a picnic? Answer: it isn’t. The beauty of the cocktail sausage is that the name suggests you drink with them. But as cocktails aren’t very picnic-friendly, you need a wine that has all the best parts of a cocktail, with the simplicity of a single bottle. This is where the Secateurs comes in to its own. This Chenin Blanc is all pineapple and crispness. It’s enough to make you forget the sausages all together, but you need to keep your strength up, so you should really remember to eat.


Rosé & The Posh Picnic

Ok, this is for when the weather is warm, but it’s so poshly paired with British summer time that you could get away with it any day after the clocks go forward! Rosé goes with everything – especially lying around in the park. But if you want to be the chicest people in the park, you can really up your nibbles game. All you need is a little prosciutto, some water biscuits and a slab of Comté. Consider it the poshest Dairylea lunchable you’ll ever have. And it’s even better with our Bardolino Chiaretto rosé from Massinoti. Tres yum.

Written by Matt Mugan