Practical Drinking Partners

It’s been soooo good to be able to see friends and family again. It feels like we’ve been inside and apart forever and getting back into the “social groove” may take some of us a little time. To get us through the social blues of lockdown, Team Vintner found some less aware, but entirely covid safe friends to share a glass with.


The Phrenology Head

One for the cerebral conversationalist, the Phrenology head is full of ideas, but is lacking in the eye contact department. That being said, there is something more settling about drinking with someone with a human face. The benefits of the Phrenology head, aside from that ‘This makes me look sophisticated’ feeling is that it doesn’t have arms, so you’re likely to get to finish the glass you poured for it as well. You’re never short of conversation topic either, just pluck an idea out of their head. After much testing, its favourite wine was certainly the Chateau Bauduc Sauvignon Blanc.

What drinking with a phrenology head says about you…?

You’re someone who likes how the bottle looks, and you’re most likely the person at the table to use the word “gregariousness” to describe what you missed in lockdown.


The Cat / Dog

Man’s best friend, but what about wines? While dogs are attentive listeners, cats are more inclined to wander off mid conversation. They do take a lot of time to inspect the wine glass, but without opposable thumbs, most of the wine is spilt and that is sacrilegious. You can transfer the wine to a bowl (cats can deal with a saucer) but that would be pet abuse, and that’s not what we’re after here. Curling up on the sofa with the dog, and a bottle of  Côtes du Rhône Rouge by Domaine de la Présidente, and telling your confused pet all about the difficult day you had is about the best you can hope for here.

What drinking with your dog/cat says about you…?

Sometimes the friends we need just need to be there. You don’t need them to say much as long as they look you in the eye as you sink a glass and decompress. You’re someone who just needs to unwind at the end of a long day, and your furry friend is perfect for that. They’ve been great in lockdown, though cats do tend to judge.


Karl Lagerfeld and Andy Warhol

Hanging out with famous designers and artists? That is exactly how Hamish rolled during lockdown. It’s important to note that they’re made of wood, but that makes them no less cool. They don’t offer much conversation and they won’t help with the bottle, but their presence gives that feeling of being very glam, even when you’re sat at the kitchen table. When you’re in this type of illustrious company, it must be fizz. Only Andre Clouet rosé is acceptable when you’re hanging out with celebs!

What drinking with Karl and Andy says about you…?

You need to be where the party is. Even when the party is just you hanging out at home. Now you’re allowed out again you can go back to being the coolest, fashionably late member of your social group!


The Axolotl

First things first, what is an axolotl? If you were thinking that’s a Mexican amphibian famous for being able to regenerate most of their body, then well done. If you weren’t thinking that, maybe you can use that bit of knowledge in your next Zoom pub quiz. Do Axolotls make good drinking partners? Well, they live underwater, and can repair their own livers, so they have plenty going for them, but you can't offer them a glass, or pour the wine into their tank. They’re most useful as a tee-total cheerleader with a blank stare that doesn’t judge you for finishing the bottle. Because of this, any wine is an option, but if we are going with something that thrives with Mexican, then the Terra de Asorei Albariño is perfect

What drinking with your axolotl says about you…?

The question really isn’t about drinking. It’s about what having an axolotl as a pet means really. You’re the social watcher, observing and enjoying the world, without really saying much. It’s time to get out and people watch, with wine on the side.


Without the kids

Ok, so this one isn’t finding something to enjoy a drink with and is more finding time to enjoy a drink without something. Getting through lockdown for parents was a challenge to say the least. Home schooling, coming up with activities to do and finding some time to work hasn’t been easy. That’s why those precious evenings when the house finally falls silent have been all important. Our favourite evening tipple to say goodbye to the day is the delicious Les Vignes d'à Côté Viognier from Yves Cuilleron. It’s just the right amount of hedonism before the next day begins.

What drinking without your kids says about you…?

You’re a hero.

Written by Matt Mugan