Secret Santa, Sorted.

It’s 9am. You stumble over to your makeshift desk that you’ve been using since what feels like the beginning of time and open your laptop. You’ve got no meetings (Hallelujah!) but fresh in your inbox you notice that annual subject line that features more emojis than you care for…


🎅🎄🕵️‍♂️🎁 Secret Santa Time!! 🎁🕵️‍♂️🎄🎅


Cue panic. You weren’t ready for this level of Christmas cheer and you’ve not even sorted a gift for Granny yet, let alone a colleague that you’ve not seen for over 6 months. It’s all too much, and you absolutely can’t pull a Kevin from last year, who forgot entirely and presented Jane with a stapler wrapped in A4 paper. Where is Kevin? He left, right? You’ll have to check LinkedIn to confirm.


2020 hasn’t been kind, so fear not intrepid office Santa, the Vintner Elves are here to help. All you need is a bottle bag…


For the Adventurer

For the colleague who is always on the go. With a previously full social calendar, they’re always talking about their last amazing holiday. Their profile picture on Instagram is them skydiving, for Cabernet’s sake! They thrive on adventure, and if your secret Santa doesn’t have a dash of the difference you know they’ll be disappointed, so put a bottle of Atma under the tree for them. It mightn’t be as good as a trip to Greece, but this superstar is equal parts summer fruits and spice, so it’s technically the next best thing.


For the one you don’t know so well

The name generator has given you Dave in Accounts. You weren’t even aware that there was a Dave in Accounts and now your expected to make him smile at the Christmas party with a great gift? What fun. This calls for a crowd pleaser and the False Bay Chenin Blanc is here to save the day. Traditionally crafted, it’s a bottle that oozes quality, and the snail on the bottle is a little Dave-esque, don’t you think?


For your office bestie

Bingo! You got your office bestie in the draw and you’re on easy street. They’re always there, brightening up the office with a mix of playful banter and well-timed distraction. They make the day go faster which, on Wednesdays in particular, is a skill. The Curator is perfect for them. Fun, zesty, capable of making any evening significantly more fun. Put a bow on it for that extra effort you know they deserve.


For your office crush

Oh no! You’ve pulled your office crush, and not in the way you dreamt. Anyway, this could be your chance. Pick something that’s gorgeous on the outside and delicious on the inside (basically you in bottle form). The André Clouet half bottle of champagne is fancy but not too fancy, and it says, “You get me in a fizz” like nothing else. Sidenote: Bring virtual mistletoe.


For the humbug

You got the office Scrooge. What do you do? Your Ghost impression is rubbish and who wants to stay up all night helping scare the Christmas into a colleague anyway? What you need is an all-in-one Christmas miracle. Cue the Quinta Do Portal LBV Port. You know that scene in every Christmas film where someone reluctantly opens a gift in a grump, smiles, and Christmas has been saved? Well, this is Port that does that. You can thank us later.


So regardless of who you’re buying for, consider your 2020 Secret Santa sorted.


Written by Matt Mugan