Songs To Sip To

The great thing about wine is how you can pair it with anything. Obviously food is something that often gets matched with wine, but that's just scratching the surface of what can be made better with a great glass of the good stuff. Music for example, is a perfectly complex partner for wine. The ebb and flow of a song are enough to get the pulse raising, but have you tried it alongside the ebb and flow of a great bottle. Like a impassioned conductor, the perfect wine can make the right song sound amazing, wrapping you up for a few minutes in a world of your own that will have you singing into your wine glass like a microphone at your very own show.


Our second Vintner playlist is all about the perfect song to sip to, and here are a few of our favourite pairs...


Tom Misch – Beautiful Escape

Picked by: Lucy

Much like the title suggests this song is great for a little escapism, I love to whack this song in my ears when I'm on my own and just relax! I pair it with the Terre De Asorei Albarino. It is great for solo drinking, and when I'm drinking alone I want something that I know will be delicious and uncomplicated. When you're looking to escape, you only want your old and best friends with you, and this is one of mine.


Duran Duran – Rio

Picked by: Anna

Now this is a song for mental transportation. Her name might not have been Rio, but you remember that holiday moment so well, and who wouldn't love to to be dancing on a beach somewhere now? One sip of the Assyrtiko and you'll be in Santorini in no time, sunbathing on a Greek beach. Close your eyes, listen to Simon Le Bon, and drift away.


H.E.R. – Hard Place

Picked by: Hamish

With lyrics like, "I'm caught between your love and a hard place" it's safe to say this sounds like a bit of a tricky situ. Thankfully, there is nothing hard about the the Soli Merlot. Plush and velvety, this is a hug in a glass and you definitely know that the Soli would call you back after a date. A deep and swirling wine for a deep and swirling song. Brood away!


Dire Straits – Romeo & Juliet

Picked by: Daniella

Pair classic rock with some romance. With a little time on our hands at the moment, it's a great time for flicking through old photo albums and reminiscing about boyfriends past while wearing rose tinted glasses. For that, you need a rose tinted glass. The Cotes De Thau is just the right amount of lightness to make sure your reminiscing doesn't turn into missing. No tragedies here, thank you!


Pop on your headphones, pour a glass of your favourite wine, and groove away - don't stop till the last drop.

Written by Matt Mugan