Tasty Truffle Treats


While heading to a restaurant for a properly excellent meal might be at the top of your end of lockdown bucket list, you shouldn’t let the last few weeks of being inside stop you for enjoying some of life’s culinary pleasures. Truffle and wine are made for each other. Besides both being delicious, if there’s one thing that truffle and wine have in common it’s that you often only get to enjoy them when you’re out. That’s why we’ve teamed up with The Truffle Guys to bring the good stuff to the comfort of your own home.


Rikki and Jordan founded The Truffle Guys back in 2018 when a shared love of food set them off on a mission to bring good quality truffle direct to people at home and they now have a range full of truffle treats, including oil, mayonnaise and even honey!


So what works with truffle and wine? Well we have some suggestions, and an extra treat to help you get your first taste. We’ve matched some of the delicious recipes by The Truffle Guys to our fabulous wines.


The White Truffle Oil Lasagne and Distant Noise Pinot Noir


Sometimes you can’t beat an indulgent lasagne. There is something about the stringy cheese, and the rich tomato that gets us all drooling?! Add The Truffle Guys White Truffle Oil to the recipe and you take indulgent to a whole new treat-filled level. As nights in have become the new nights out, it seems only fair to have that ‘posh Italian meal’ feel. Round off the whole experience with a bottle (or two) of wonderfully indulgent wine. The Distant Noises Pinot Noir from Yarra Valley Australia is just the ticket. It’s a reasonably light red but has a real depth of flavour so works with rich tomato and gives the truffle oil infused lasagne all the room it needs to sing.


Pick up the Truffle Lasagne Recipe here...


The Truffle Guys Chip Tower with Truffle Guys Mayo and Vintner Macon White Wine


The humble chip is so often the simple side to any good meal. But what if they wanted to spread their potato-y wings and fly? How can chips be a thing of beauty? Well, all it takes is a little truffle and a cool new look. Simply turn your chip pile into a stack, add truffle mayo and our Macon white wine, and you’ll have a tasty towering treat! The truffle mayo is richly delicious, so you need a wine that is buttery and rich to match. That is exactly what Julien Collovray Macon is, so prepare for a flavour explosion.


Pick up the Chip Tower Recipe here...



There’s loads more fun to be had with wine and truffle, so why not go all out for some indulgence and see what perfect pairings you can create? The Truffle Guys have very kindly given all Vintner customers a 15% discount, simply use VINTNER15 at checkout on their website here. Go on, treat yourself.

Written by Lucy Roberts