The Perfect Night In – A Bath & a Bottle

Let’s face it, being at home has reached new levels of boredom. Do you even remember what going out was like?

After another gruelling day of endless zoom calls, feeding families and the familiar four walls, we’re all longing for an escape. The fantasy of getting away from the house to feel like ourselves again seems like a good idea, but what if being a little more ‘in’ was the best way to escape?


I’m a serial extrovert, but when I need to recharge, a little introversion goes a long way. For me, to get away from everything and everyone, there is no better escape than a bath. Lock the door, fill the tub, indulge in the steam and create your own spa. There is an art to this, but that’s why we’re here to help – because we’re good like that.


There is nothing more de-stressing, detoxifying or delightful than the aromas from incredible bath salts mixing with the taste of a perfectly chilled glass of wine. Choose wisely and you’re in for a treat.


The ‘Breathe In’ bath salts from Verdant Alchemy are surely named after that first deep breath as your toes break the water’s surface. The smell that has drawn you into the bath, after you’ve queued your perfect bath time playlist on Spotify (we recommend Norah Jones), and as you sink in, you’re immersed in the herbal scent of eucalyptus, lemon and thyme.


Perched to the side of your bath (and definitely within an arm’s reach), a perfectly chilled bottle of A Peu Pres Sauvignon Blanc, which shows flavours of lemon, lime and grapefruit. That first breath is swiftly followed by your first sip, and your senses draw you into the bath. You could be anywhere now. You’re in, but you’re so, so out.


Your eyes close and you could almost swear you were in the French Riviera.  The smell of citrus from surrounding groves, and the Mediterranean sun warms you as you lay on the beach.  You’ve been a while now, but who cares. This is the definition of ‘you time,’ and you’re not done with the south of France just yet. Norah’s probably got a few songs left in her too.


The fresh scent of thyme matches the freshness of your wine, and all you’ve got to do now is lay back and enjoy every one of your senses as they float between flavours. You’ll drift slowly back to the bath where you can savour those final sips; they often contain the most smiles.


Finally, with your glass empty and the bath cooling, your evening is complete. As you stand in your towel, refreshed in more ways than one, remember this…


The perfect night in is all about staying in, until you absolutely have to get out.




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Written by Matt Mugan