The Perfect Union

Let’s face it, some things are great on their own and others are simply better in a pair. Romeo and Juliet, fish and chips, Pad Thai and pinot gris, Charlie’s and Angels. You get my drift.


Today we’re taking a look at a few of life’s actives and matching them up with a vinous partner to create the perfect union.

Tax returns & grenache

Oh, joy. Is it nearly tax time again? Trying to be fairly pragmatic with this selection, grenache makes a good pair for tedious paperwork as when grown in a warmer region (such as the southern Rhône) it can bring high levels of warming alcohol, which is exactly what you want when you’re being forced to wade through long forms that may as well be written in a foreign language.

Date night (home edition) & pinot noir

There’s something about pinot noir that’s just a bit sexy. Whether it’s the hard “P” or the silky, smooth tannins that make it an exceptional accompaniment to candlelit meals, you’re always a step closer to wooing someone with a decent glass of pinot. As tempting and alluring as it may be, I advise against trying to lay a smooch on your glass. Seldom reciprocated.

Job hunting & riesling

You’re scrolling on LinkedIn, trying to think how best to promote yourself. What you need is mental clarity and a touch of confidence. Not the kind of confidence that would have you saying, “Yeah, I’m good with Excel” but the, “Your organisation will be lucky to have me” kind. Bone dry riesling is perfect for just that – a whack of acidity that’ll keep your mind (and palate) fresh and a bit of alcohol to help you wax lyrical about how amazing you are (because you are).

Difficult conversations with flatmates & rosé

Some of us don’t enjoy any form of confrontation but some of us also feel that if Sarah ate your leftovers despite them being very clearly marked in the fridge that this should be addressed. Also, Sarah’s boyfriend seems to be spending all of his time here and so he should really be contributing to the costs. Those of us who are cringing at this totally hypothetical situation need rosé. Rosé puts everyone in a good mood because it’s reminiscent of happier times when we were sun-soaked and warm. Crack a bottle when you next need to have a tough chat and just watch how easily you can sort things out.   

Sitting at the “Singles table” at a wedding & literally anything you can get your hands on

This was a tough one. We’ve all been here and if you haven’t, your time will come. The best thing about a wedding is the open bar. The worst thing about a wedding is the open bar. Our advice is to always stick to bubbles for as long as possible and pace yourself. Weddings, like relationships, are a marathon, not a sprint.  Bubbles will keep you buzzed, bubbly and ready to bop along with the DJ. We’ll meet you on the dance floor for a boogie.

Written by Hamish Kirwan