The Wails & Wines of Horror Movies

Now, we might not be able to go out and party for Halloween this year, but we can still have thrills. Curled up on the sofa might feel safe and warm, but with the right classic movie, you’re sure of a fright-fest. Whether you’re hard as nails or prefer to enjoy horrors from behind a pillow (myself firmly in this category), pairing your movie with wine can only make the experience better!


I don’t know about you, but when I think about wine and Halloween, my first thought is red. Perhaps it’s because Halloween falls at a time when the weather is getting colder and the nights are drawing in, or maybe its all the blood. What I do know is we have some absolutely great reds that will have you drinking like Dracula himself (though don’t go all in with a coffin bed!).


Vudu Syrah & Addams Family Values

We’ll kick off proceedings with a wine, that quite frankly looks like it was made for Halloween; our Vudu Syrah 2018 from Quinta da Lagoalva, Tejo, Portugal. The deep red writing against the black label is very vampire-chic! This is a great wine to stock up on if you’re having friends over for a scary movie marathon (or perhaps more likely now, a zoomathon), because beneath its veiled looks is a very pleasing red!

It’s rich but easy, and therefore calls for an easy film (my favourite kind of Halloween film) like the Addams Family Values (1993). This classic is the perfect balance of dark and hilarious and sipping on Vudu while chuckling away at the so called ‘spooky’ one liner’s is my perfect Halloween night in.


Malbec & the Ring

Searching for something with a little more bite? We have just the bottle. For those a little more daring, but perhaps still needing a little Dutch courage, our fail-safe Argentinian Malbec is your poison. This rich and spicy tipple is pure indulgence, it feels like a warm hug with every sip, and a hug you might need.…. I’d pair this with your scary, but not going to stop you from sleeping in the dark forever kind of film, such as The Ring. Picture a creepy woman crawling out your screen and you’ve pretty much got the gist, let’s just hope she’s doesn’t like Argentinian Malbec….


The Shining & Rosso No. 1

Now, for our full-on thrill seekers who’ve been sharpening their fangs since April, it calls for the big guns. An escape to the countryside always spells danger in horror movies, and there is nothing more classic than The Shining. This timeless chiller, now forty years old is just as scary as the day it came out. It follows a family as they occupy an isolated hotel for winter, things soon get interesting when a sinister presence makes itself known….This film will have you gripped, so you need a wine equally as interesting, our Rosso No.1, Multi Vintage, Coste del Vivo from Tuscany. Its flavours run deep with layers of black currant, red fruits and a smooth earthiness which really adds a little something, something. Have enough glasses and it might even send you to sleep, something you might never do again after that film….


Happy Hallowine all! (insert Thriller laugh here)


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Written by Lucy Roberts