Wine Resolutions!

Have you given up on your new year’s resolutions yet? If you’re still going strong with your goal of becoming fluent in five languages, learning to do the splits, or giving up carbohydrates over the next year, good on you. But how will these things help you enjoy wine? Granted, you’ll be able to properly order Gewürztraminer if German is one of your languages and doing the splits will help you more effectively get the final drops from the bottle, but they won’t change your life with wine this year. It’s time for a resolution that has real, positive change – a wine resolution. So how are you going to enjoy wine more this year?


Here are a few of our team's resolutions to help you get you thinking about yours!


My wine resolution is to try more English wines, and not just fizz! The whites, roses (and even reds) are getting better every year, so I’m excited to see what bottles I can find in 2021.


After 2020, we all deserve to treat ourselves, my wine resolution is to have more yum food and wine and put proper effort into making sure I stick to it, food planning and prepping etc. There is also always more wines to try, and so I look forward to trying new things; this year I’m particularly looking to try lots of delicious reds!



My wine resolution is “quality not quantity”. Last year I changed how I thought about health, and that meant understanding that health is not just the absence of illness. This year I’m focussing on drinking less but drinking better. Because I’m buying fewer bottles, I can treat myself to a couple of really special wines. On my wish list for January are our Barolo Riserva 'San Pietro' DOCG and David Moret Rully.


A major wine task for me this year will be mastering the art of ‘just one glass’. I’ve got a tendency to enjoy the whole bottle, but that’s not always the best option, and returning to a great bottle a second time is a delight – the A Peu Pres, for example, is great to spend a weekend with. I’m also very excited about drinking more sweet wine. I get hooked on it over Christmas and realise I should make it a year-round thing!


I have set myself the rather large challenge of getting my friends off supermarket wine once and for all! The supermarket, it’s great for broccoli, carrots, and peas, but for wine, you can do better! It’s high time I got my friends on the good stuff, and I just so happen to know where they might find a really great online wine shop….


My wine resolution is to drink with intention. I absolutely love wine, but I want to start savouring my sips and actually be present when I’m enjoying it. Wine is too good to just glug back to deal with the copious amounts of life stress. 2021 is all about making time to sit back, relax, and enjoy fabulous wine.


Well, there is some wine for thought. How will you be enjoying your wine in 2021? Let us know on Instagram...


Written by Lucy Roberts