Wine Trends for 2022

We know what you’re all thinking. What is going to happen in wine in 2022? Good news, it’s going to be made from grapes, full of flavour, and great at parties.

Oh, you want to know more? Well, if you want to get ahead of other vino lovers, be a trendsetter, or just want some interesting dinner conversation, you’ll find the trendiest wine trends for 2022 right here.


Wines with a story are in

There was a time when your bottle didn’t have to tell a story beyond the flavour, but those days are gone, especially in 2022. The influx of cheap and cheerful bottles with a ‘fun’ label and no substance has had us reaching for wine with more than good looks. We’re interested in the vine to vino process, the sustainability and organic elements and the quirky anecdotes that make a bottle a treat.


Check out the Alpha Box & Dice Enigma for a bottle with a great story


Year-round rosé

If you’ve ever been ashamed to order a glass of rosé outside of the summer months, then 2022 is the year for you. Rosé has become a serious category of wine over the last few years as producers around the world have refined their production to create truly wonderful wine. Gone are the days of all pink being plonk as more subtle, fresh flavours have taken over. 2022 is the year of great rosé wine, drunk whenever you feel the need for it. You won’t get funny looks ordering a Provence in the middle of February anymore.


Get your hands on the Côtes de Thau Rosé and Éminence de Bijou Rosé for the real experience.


Champagne style fizz that isn’t champagne

Champagne is great (as if you didn’t know that) but there are issues. Between difficult French harvests and ongoing supply chain related issues (don’t say the “B” word) it’s not so easy to find a great bottle of champagne for the right price. This has ushered in a new age of traditional method fizz (that’s fizz made fizzy in the bottle) from around the world. English sparkling is on the rise, as are great wines from South Africa and America. Take a leap of faith into a bottle of bubbles from elsewhere.


Van Hunks is a secret treat you can’t miss.


Lo-Alcohol wine will get better

When you hear about lo-alcohol wine, it’s easy to imagine the words “low-quality” instead. Low and no alcohol wine has typically been slightly weird and expensive grape juice. Yuck. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case. Producers have recognised the need for better low and no bottles and they’re coming out in droves.


The Walt ‘Lø’ Low Alcohol Riesling is one of the best.


Time To Explore Outside The Classics – The Weather bites

It’s been a tough year for the weather. Varied climates in the wrong places have reduced the yields (the amount of grapes) in France, New Zealand and the USA. This will make wines from those countries less affordable, but there is a silver lining. You didn’t need it, but this is an excuse to explore further afield. Expect a rise in popularity for wine from South Africa, Chile and Portugal this year, where the weather has been great, and the winemaking even better. Time to get out of your comfort zone!


The Ribeiro Santo and Coterie are perfect discoveries


Find your ‘House’ wine

We’re going out less than we used to and entertaining more at home so it’s time to think about your house wine. This very ‘restaurant’ term has good application for what you need in 2022. Surprise guests, impromptu dinner dates and end of the day relaxations all need a dependable bottle, and that’s where the house wine comes in. Spend some time finding a bottle you’ll never get bored of, that doesn’t break the bank, and is loved by most, if not all, who join your table. Then stock up so you always know you’re ready for entertaining, even if it’s just a party for one.


Look no further than the Bellafiore and the James Bryant!


Written by Matt Mugan