Wines best for right now and secrets saved for occasion 

 Most of us buy wine to drink now. Let’s face it, who has a wine cellar? Better question. Who has the patience to cellar wine? I’m fairly convinced that people only have wine cellars to hide wine from themselves.  


Most of us have a wine rack in the kitchen* taking pride of place somewhere between the kettle and the toaster. Or maybe even those handy wine shelves built into your kitchen benches (which coincidentally not only house wine but are also the permanent home to 39 ‘bags for life’).  


Unfortunately for me, having my wine on display may look cool but it usually leads to the rack getting emptied more frequently than I’d like. If you're anything like me and are in a pinch for patience, fear not. This trio will reward the eager and celebrate the now.  


À Peu Près Sauvignon Blanc, 2019, David Maudry 

Who doesn’t love zesty, tropical flavours and refreshing acidity? It’s everything we want in a mid-week wine, right? The problem is, it’s too delicious and once you’re sharing a bottle with friends, you’ll be opening a second before you know it. This is a wine intended to be enjoyed young, so feel free to tuck in as soon as it’s delivered to your door. 


Jelmas Extra Dry, NV, La Tordera

Gone are the days when fizz was only served for celebratory reason (see weddings, graduations, Christmas, etc). This bouncy little bottle of bubbles is perfect for impromptu guests or a date night at home, but make sure you’ve got a few spareknocking about – you never know when a night in will turn into a party and it’s always good to be prepared.  


Côtes du Rhône Rouge, 2018, Domaine de la Présidente 

When you’ve been drenched by the rain, been pressed up to a stranger on the journey home and have dropped your bank card somewhere along the way, you need to get home and pour yourself a large glass of this. Instantly, you’ll feel consoled by this deeply rich and warming blend of Grenache and Syrah. Your mouth will be coated in a velvety embrace. Hippocrates famously said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Well, I’m prescribing you a bottle of Domaine de la Presidente. Unlike Hippocrates, this is a drinker not a thinker so apply liberally. Doctors' orders.  


Now while our sauvignon blanc, fizz and Côtes du Rhône are all drinkers not thinkers, I thought it only fair to tempt those who possess the virtue of patience with a selection of “thinkers” that will benefit from a little extra time in your cellarAnd who knows, maybe those who can’t usually wait to crack the cap will rethink after being introduced to this pair.  


André Clouet Rosé Champagne, NV,  Grand Cru Grande

This isn’t your ‘dancing around the living room, singing into your hairbrush on a Friday night’ kind of fizz. You should give this seductive pink the respect it deserves and save it for an occasion that means something to youJean Francois Clouet is a living legend and makes the most irresistible Grand Cru Champagne. You buy a bottle, you save the bottle (even if that means hiding it in the bottom of your wardrobe) and you share the bottle when the time is right.  


Saint-Émilion, 2014, XX de Corbin 

Bordeaux has a reputation of being the “Big Daddy” of wine. It can also be tricky to buy as it usually needs some time before the wine can soften and become all juicy and delicious. Fortunately for you, our XX de Corbin has already had some time to soften outIt’s like a thick red velvet curtain at the theatre and it’s a show you won’t want to miss. This wine should be brought out to impress and enjoyed with only your favourite people. Truly the greatest showman of our list. 


Whether you’re looking for a trio for right now or a trio for the right moment, we’ve got you covered. You can thank us later.  


*Pro Tip - Try not to store your wine just anywhere in the kitchen. I know it looks pretty but all that steam and bright light can cause your wine to spoil. Wine likes to sleep on their side, in a cool, dry place without temperature fluctuations. I keep mine in the bottom of my wardrobe.

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Written by Daniella Santangeli