Côtes du Rhône Rouge, 2018, Domaine de la Présidente


Côtes du Rhône Rouge, 2018, Domaine de la Présidente, Southern Rhone Valley


This is a wine all about balance. When you open a bottle, you have to balance a board of cheese and cured meats in your other hand. As you indulge, you have to balance mouthfuls of wine, salty snacks and flowing conversation. When savouring the wine, you have to balance the fresh red fruit, blackcurrants and neat tannins with your urge to grin. It's basically science.



Red Fruit

Vintage Country Region ABV Drink by
2018 France Southern Rhone Valley 12.5% 2021

About this wine

Do you want to know what a good Cote du Rhone is? Look no further. This bottle captures the essence, the flavours and the excitement of this deeply indulgent blend.

The joy of the Domaine de la Presidente is found as the intense gives way to the subtle. As you gulp down your glass, and open your mouth to make your next point, you're greeted by another flavour you hadn't yet noticed. There is surprise in those layers that will stop you in your tracks.

What Makes It So Grape?





Produced in Southern Rhone Valley, France

This small family run estate know just how care and attention lead to a wonderful wine. They respect the traditions of wine making in the region and it comes through in the product.

Domaine la Presidente have many vineyards, growing several varietals, making classic French wines which are outstanding examples of all that is good in the region.

My brother cures meat as a hobby. It takes months of work, but if I time it just right and show up with a bottle of Domaine de la Presidente, I can have my fill!

Matt Mugan, Digital Marketing Manager