Genetie Bourgogne Blanc 'Illumine' 2019


Genetie Bourgogne Blanc 'Illumine' 2019, Burgundy


This is a gem that's totally worth the discovery. The best vote of confidence we can share is that the winemaker loves it so much, it's the bottle they drink at home, and so should you! It's classic Chardonnay, drawing on the best flavours of the area to create something devilishly delicious.



Single Bottle (75CL)

Single Bottle (75CL)


  • Proper white burgundy - all floral and citrus
  • Plenty of minerality and a hint of oak to go around
  • Pairs well with creamy chicken and pan fried fish
  • Perfect for popping yourself on the couch and sipping away







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About this wine

There are many reason that everyone digs white burgundy, and this is a great example of those reasons combined.

A classic Chardonnay from Burgundy should be many things. It needs butter, floral notes, citrus and the right amount of oak. All this flavour should come from the growing, and only the best can make the flavours balance with one another.

When you get it right though, it's so so right, and the Illumine is just that. The balance between the flavours make every sip something special, and mean it goes with so many dishes! 10% of the wine is barrel aged to give a more textural, slightly creamy element.

What Makes It So Grape?


Produced in Burgundy, France

For over three decades Boutinot has been based in the Mâconnais in southern Burgundy; relying upon Samantha Bailey to craft and blend wines which honestly express the local environment.

With a ‘back of the hand’ knowledge of the effect of each slope and soil type on a wine, they dared to imagine owning an estate, yet such opportunities are rare in Burgundy as domaines pass from one generation to the next. But eventually they managed to buy their own vineyard and have been making white burgundy to get excited about ever since.