The Easy Party Case

The Easy Party Case

Wine for a party should be easy. The Easy Party Case is for people who know there is more to this wine thing than the supermarket wine wall but still want to have an easy time getting party ready. It's six bottles of great wine that go perfectly with every shindig. After all, it's not just about great wine, it's about what you do with it.


Mixed Case (6 Bottles)

Making The Case

This is easy wine at its best - something for every party and secretly brilliant.

First up, the whites. There are two types of white you need to have, crisp and clean, and full of fruits, and here they are. The Colombard-Sauvignon is sharp, fresh and fun for hot days. The Curator white is a blend that packs oodles of flavour into its unassuming bottle. Finally, do you love Prosecco, but hate paying too much for the really good stuff? Jelmas Extra Dry is made literally outside the Prosecco boundary but with all the same grapes, quality and style. This is premium "Prosecco" for a fraction of the price.

In the red section, you're in for two geographic treats. You pay a little more in the wine world for popular destinations, but some hidden gems come from further afield, and here are two of the best. The Semeli Feast is a Greek red that oozes fruit flavours, so much so that if it were French, it would be too expensive for a mixed case! The Soli Merlot has everything you want from a great Merlot, with a dash of herbs and spice that make it a brilliant after work wine. We couldn't leave you without a proper rosé, and here it is. The Durnberg Blanc de Noir is one of those rosé wines that tastes of cherry, apple and marzipan, but keeps every drop of rosé refreshment too.