Christmas Picks

Find the perfect wine for your festivities this year at Vintner. We've picked out the best bottles to pair with Christmas moments to make your vino easy this year.

Our Top Christmas Wine Tips

Don't Get Caught Short
'Tis the season to be merry (in moderation) so plan for your festivities. You don't want to find yourself at the corner shop on Christmas Eve because you forgot to get enough white.

Fizz The Season
There are two types of sparkling wine you'll need for Christmas. The first is your 'big moment' bottle - the really good stuff for toasting and counting down to midnight. The second is for impromptu moments. Think prosecco or the amazing Jelmas as something you can sip on when the mood takes you.

Always have a Pinot Noir
Christmas time is when Pinot Noir comes into it's own. It goes with turkey, ham, goose and veggie dishes so you can always pop a bottle for a perfect pairing. It's also great by itself, and Santa loves it!