Vintner Gift Card

Vintner Gift Card

So you've decided to become the best friend in the world? Well done! We're very happy for you. Your new bestie will be even happier when they open their Vintner gift card. Pick the amount you love your new friend, and send the promise of a great bottle their way. They might even invite you for a glass if you're lucky.

From £20.00

A gift card? Why not a bottle?

A Vintner gift card is a promise. It's not just a great bottle of wine; it's the promise of making moments to remember. It says "Here you go, get something you love, and tell me all about it later", only they don't tell you about the wine, but the experience they had alongside it.

Vintner gift cards can be used across our entire site, so questions of red or white, what a spicy syrah is, and do your friends like fizz aren't needed here. They're valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. If you've forgotten a present for someone, this will save you from the shame of bad gifting!