The Nice Wine Gift

The Nice Wine Gift

Forget socks, household tat and dotty gift baskets - give the gift people REALLY want! Introducing the Nice Wine Gift. A selection of three bottles of wine that will metaphorically scream how much you really care about the receiver. Besides, the best gifts are the ones that people can share with others.


Wanna hear a bad joke?

A fizz, Sauvignon Blanc & Portuguese red walk into a bar... the bar is the receiver's house

Look, we never professed to be comedians and while we may not know excellent jokes, we do know excellent wines. This trio delivers across the board. We'd recommend the best way to ensure this box of yummy is delivered in the spirit in which it was intended is to drop in a gift note message for us to add to the box and to follow up with the receiver inviting yourself over to help them drink the wines.