Fine, Wine!

Fine, Wine!

Christmas is a time to treat yourself and the ones you love, that’s why we’ve created our Christmas Fine, Wine! case, and what a treat it is! If you’re looking to impress this Christmas with the really REALLY good stuff, toast yourself or send a gift to someone special, look no further than this truly spectacular selection.


6 Bottle Mixed Case

Making The Case

Add some extra sparkle to your Christmas wine this year with this absolutely fabulous selection.

We kick things off with none other than the best of British, it not only looks extremely stylish but tastes incredible, this bottle is giving Champagne a sure run for its money. Next, to the Northern Rhone for a Viognier, the apricot spicy flavour is the perfect accompaniment for many a festive dish, and it’s from one of the best producers in the region, Rhone royalty if you like. And what fabulous Christmas case would be complete without a big, bold and buttery number. Our J. Lohr Californian Chardonnay is like a big hug from Santa.

Now for the reds, and what a treat they are. Firstly, a German Pinot Noir, Pinot Noir is quite well known for being best friends with Tukey dinners and so it would be rude not to include one, and this one is delicious and even has a cute bear on the label! Next we have a seriously smooth Syrah, it’s spicy and packs one hell of punch, Santa will be passing up the brandy and asking for a glass of this. Last, but absolutely not least, a South African Cabernet Franc. Cabernet Franc can often act as the present left at the back of the tree, all to easily forgotten, but it’s simply way TOO good for that, you’ll soon see, it’s epic.