The Emergency Party Case

The Emergency Party Case

In the festive season guests can show up at any moment. Always be prepared with the Emergency Party Case. Whoever comes around, pop any of these wow factor wines and sip away, and if you're worried about having enough glasses, we've included two Govino glasses included in the case.


Mixed Case

The producer

Be party ready at a moments notice.

The Emergency Party case is wine that's always ready to go. Begin with rosé. It's your choice between the Cotes de Thau (so good we put two in), which is all strawberry and the Crémant de Bourgogne Rosé for a fizz fix. Next, turn to New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc from Wyebrook for the ultimate refresher and sit back with the James Bryant Pinot Noir.

For a mixed case with such party potential you might be short of a glass or two, so we've included 2 Govino glasses to make sure everyone is hydrated. Shatterproof and sustainable (and dishwasher-proof!), you might run out of wine (you can always order more) but you'll be able to use these glasses again and again.