The Nicer Wine Gift

The Nicer Wine Gift

Giving the gift people REALLY want makes you a better friend. Introducing the Nicer Wine Gift - a selection of three bottles of wine that will metaphorically scream how much you really care about the receiver. Consider this gift your "You're the best and I'm a great friend!" megaphone. 


The Nicer Gift

Filled with some heavy hitters, this trio is a nicer gift to give to your nicer friend that will in turn make you a nicer friend. Doesn't that sound nicer?

Made up of a very famous, premium rosé, a classic from one of our favourite producers in Burgundy and a new kid to Vintner who is as youthful and playful as they look. This is a selection of quality wines that will get any enthusiast feeling the love. Make sure you include a gift note message so you can take all the credit and the receiver knows who to invite over to help them drink through the gift.