The Nicest Wine Gift

The Nicest Wine Gift

Ok, big shot! This is the Nicest Wine Gift. This is the pinnacle of wine gifts, filled with classic White Burgundy, dreamy Californian Cabernet and a grower Champagne that would knock some of the greatest off their perch.


The Nicest Gift

You are one of the good ones and this gift speaks volumes. This trio is packed with exceptional, quality wines that are remarkable enough to mark the greatest of occasions. You got engaged? Here you go. You got a promotion? Well deserved, ta da! You volunteered to be the Designated Driver at a wedding? Wham, bam, thank you, Mam!

We're talking about the big names with this one. Grand Cru Champagne, Saint Véran from southern Burgundy and California Cabernet. Each a classic in its own right, but together this trio makes for the nicest celebration pack with wines worth savouring. Make sure you drop a gift message note in so the lucky receiver knows who to thank, and more importantly, who to invite over to share these special bottles with.