The Red Case

The Red Case

Are you a proper red wine lover? Because this is red wine made easy with every sip. It’s packed full of best sellers and brilliant examples of the classics. If you LOVE red wine, look no further.


Mixed Case (6 Bottles)

Making The Case

Sometimes you just want to open the cupboard/wine fridge/cellar and find a great bottle of red. This case is there for that.

First up is our best-selling wine ever. The James Bryant Pinot Noir is the best Pinot Noir for its price point, so we couldn’t leave it out. Portuguese red is underrated, and the Ribeiro Santo is a great example of why. It’s mellow and fruity – perfect with or without food. The Gomez Cruzado Línea Kármán Rioja Tinto is such smooth drinking it’ll be gone before you realise!

There isn’t much more to say about Bellafiore. It’s the best value Italian red we’ve ever found, and everyone loves its rich berry flavours. The Semeli Feast is a fruity Greek red that’s perfect when chilled a little. Finally, the Pasquiers Shiraz 2019 is a perfect example of a classic bottle that goes with all the best food.