Rosso No.1, Multi Vintage, Coste del Vivo


Rosso No.1, Multi Vintage, Coste del Vivo, Tuscany


The sun has faded from the day, and you’re sat with old friends taking the world apart. Some wines are made for this moment, and Rosso No.1 is the best of them. This is smooth red wine for drinking, no need for a bottle topper here. It'll be gone before you get to the kitchen. Blackcurrant, red fruit and an earthy smoothness. Gosh it's good.



Red Fruit
Deep Flavours
Deeper Conversations

Vintage Country Region ABV Drink by
2015, 2016, 2018 Italy Tuscany 14% 2023

About this wine

Red wine is art. The artistry of the winemaker is in the story their wines tell. The Rosso No.1 spins a narrative so good your tongue will read it twice.

A fruit-first wine, this is no push over. There is complexity and depth in each bottle you have (and there will be many) and each bottle you have will have more to say than the last. This wine is organic.

What Makes It So Grape?


Cabernet Franc



Produced in Tuscany, Italy

Toby Owen loves wine. He also loves Italy, and he especially loves wine in Italy. What more could you need to start an adventure making some of the best wine in the world.

The vineyard is small compared with the big hitters, but sometimes the small becomes secret, and a glass full of secret is best.