André Clouet Rosé Champagne, NV, Grand Cru Grande Resérve


André Clouet Rosé Champagne, NV, Grand Cru Grande Resérve, Champagne


You've heard of Mambo No. 5? Well, allow us to introduce you to Rosé No. 3 - your new favourite pink fizz. #yourewelcome



Single bottle (75cl)

Single bottle (75cl)

The Four Point Lowdown

  • Strawberries and cream, with a touch of cherries and rose petal
  • Flirty and easy to drink (no this isn't a Tinder bio)
  • Pairs with smoked salmon all the way
  • Perfect for the hopeless romantics among us







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About this wine

They say the character of a wine should match the character of the Winemaker, and in Jean-Francois Clouet's case, this is no exception.

Flirtatious, charismatic and easy to drink (sounds like a Tinder bio), this rosé Champagne comes from the Grand Cru (very posh) village of Bouzy in the Montagne de Reims region of Champagne. Skilfully crafted by Jean-Francois Clouet, this 100% Pinot Noir Champagne is delicate yet rich and tastes like strawberries, raspberries and a hint of almond. There's also a dash of blood orange and other fresh citrus, which keeps the palate feeling really fresh. 

What Makes It So Grape?

Pinot Noir

Produced in Bouzy, Champagne, France

Founded in 1741, Champagne André Clouet is a globally renowned producer located in the Grand Cru village of Bouzy.

The enigmatic owner and winemaker JFC (Jean-Francois Clouet) comes from a long line of vignerons who have dedicated themselves to creating impeccable Champagne. JFC, who by the way is one of the most entertaining hosts, has been obsessed with making Champagne since he was a boy, fondly naming the tanks in his winery after his childhood heroes, including Zeus, Thor, D'Artagnan, Zorro and Michelle Pfeiffer.

The last time we were in Bouzy we had a blast, and so any time I'm feeling like a party, there's nothing I'd rather have that some pink fizz from our man, Clouet.

Hamish, Co-Founder & Operations Director