Éminence de Bijou Rosé, 2020, Bijou Wines


Éminence de Bijou Rosé, 2020, Bijou Wines, Coteaux de Béziers


There’s rosé and then there’s ROSÈ. This, friends, is the latter. A big, juicy rosé from the south of France that screams prestige and will bring a sense of luxury to your everyday sipping.


Single bottle (75cl)

Single bottle (75cl)

The Four Point Lowdown

  • Packed with vanilla, raspberries and dried apricots
  • Mouth-watering and silky
  • Matches with all of the prawns
  • Perfect for upping your rosé game






Coteaux de Béziers

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About this wine

A stone’s throw away from the Mediterranean, the vineyards for the Éminence capture the warmth and sunlight that make the Grenache in this rosé sing notes of raspberries, cherries and redcurrants. Throw in a touch of zest and you’ve got a mouth-watering pink that’ll elevate any occasion.

We were so excited when the sample of Éminence arrived in our office – and that’s usually the first sign that we’ve found a winner. This rosé is moreish and perfect for summer sipping on its own but also has the texture and complexity to stand up against a wide range of foods. Raved about by Master of Wine, Elizabeth Gabay, she says, “Opulent, structural, tannic on the finish, red fruit take over with redcurrants and cranberries, nice phenolic ripeness, some peppiness, a touch of fruit with dried apricot on the finish. Lovely acidity.” And we can’t argue with that! 

What Makes It So Grape?




Produced in Languedoc, France

Starting out in Languedoc, Bijou produce award winning wines that most of us have heard of.

With vines growing on calcareous clay and limestone, two selected parcels of vines between the river Orb and the basin de Thau were chosen for their late ripening grape varieties (Grenache & Rolle) to deliver the best quality fruit to make this epic rosé. 30% of the grenache is fermented in oak to give this wine its delicious, creamy texture.