Grillo Appassimento, 2019, Miopasso


Grillo Appassimento, 2019, Miopasso, Sicily


I know what you’re thinking, what on earth is a Grillo Appassimento? Don't worry, so were we! This is a really special white wine, from the picture perfect island of Sicily, and the grapes have been dried to give the wine extra oomph and flavour, and we can tell you, it works wonders!



Single bottle (75cl)

Single bottle (75cl)

The Four Point Lowdown

  • Apricot, dried fruit, orange and grapefruit yumminess
  • Perfect balance of richness and freshness
  • Matches with all of the pastas
  • Perfect for when you're dreaming of Sicily







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About this wine

The appassimento method is used to make this wine, meaning the grapes are dried either on the vines or on racks to increase flavour and body. This is a method usually reserved for sweet wines, so you're right to be intrigued! This is indeed a hidden gem, and the Grillo seems to be the perfect grape for this style. It has a wonderful richness yet with flavours of apricot and dried fruit from the appassimento method, while the grapefruit and orange come through to give it a balanced, fresh feel. Bellissimo!

Italian themed dinner party anyone? I think so! Line up the tagliatelle and some thirsty friends because this wine is too good not to share. Grillo is the signature white grape of Sicily but not widely enjoyed in the UK, and it's wines like this that we're missing out on! A travesty, I'm sure you'll agree (after a bottle or two). If you can throw in some spiel about the appassimento method, your pals are bound to be impressed! The wine is also vegan.

What Makes It So Grape?


Produced in Sicily

Miapasso are about celebrating all things Italian, using only indigenous grapes combined with modern winemaking techniques for a unique take on traditional styles.

Miopasso is just one of the labels produced by 'The Wine People'. They take their wines from the root right through to market and so have control of every aspect of the process. They value sustainability and quality product, and are always trying to be one step ahead of the consumer.