Light, bright and totally fun. A Sauvignon from the Loire where Sauvignon Blanc reigns Queen. Buy À Peu Près Sauvignon Blanc, 2020 online now from Vintner and receive it tomorrow, with next day delivery.


À Peu Près Sauvignon Blanc, 2020, David Maudry, Loire Valley


Light, bright and totally fun. A Sauvignon from the Loire where Sauvignon Blanc reigns Queen.



Single bottle (75cl)

Single bottle (75cl)

The Four Point Lowdown

  • Lemon-y citrus with loads of white peach
  • Bright, fresh faced and very friendly
  • Matches well with roasted fish
  • Perfect for sipping in the sun






Loire Valley

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About this wine

With a round about translation that means "nearly" or "roughly", À Peu Prés pokes at the fact that this Sauvignon comes from an unclassified vineyard near Pouilly Fumé. So here you have a vino that's nearly Pouilly-Fumé for a pinch of the price. If you're new to wine, that means buy me now.

In this part of the Loire Valley, the only grape that really matters is Sauvignon Blanc. When you're looking through a line-up of labels that feature names like, "Sancerre" and "Pouilly-Fumé," it's always a treat to find something a little more playful and a bit more fun. And that's exactly what this is: fun! Light, fresh and loaded with flavour, this is a simple but yummy Sauvignon Blanc which is perfect when you're looking for a mid-week white to go alongside whatever you're having for dinner that night, or to reward yourself for not dressing in track pants while working from home. For me, it's usually the latter.

What Makes It So Grape?

Sauvignon Blanc

Produced in Loire Valley, France

David Maudry (of Domaine Lispaul) produces Sancerre, Pouilly Fumé, Menetou-Salon and IGP Val de Loire Sauvignon Blanc. We guess you could say he's a fan of Sauvignon Blanc.

And why wouldn't you be in this part of the world? Situated on both sides of the Loire River in the more easterly Centre-Loire, Sauvignon Blanc is the predominate grape planted in the area. The most prestigious Sauvignon Blanc in the world, Sancerre, is found here.