Montresor Organic Lugana, 2020


Montresor Organic Lugana, 2020, Lugana


The Organic Lugana from Montresor is a modern classic. This flavoursome northern Italian wine is born in the sun, and you can tell. The result is a wine so full of peach, melon and white flower that there is something new to discover in every sip!



Single Bottle (75cl)

Single Bottle (75cl)

The Four Point Lowdown

  • Full of tropical fruit and herby flavours
  • So bright it lights up your wine options
  • Pairs great with seafood antipasti
  • Perfect for spending the day at the lake







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About this wine

There is so much going on in this bottle that makes it worth a sip. The whole process is about being cool, chilling the grapes, and their juice, to bring out all the flavours.

Your journey with this wine starts at the aromas which are all tropical fruit. Your first sip brings melon, peach and grapefruit, and everything is fresh. The secret sauce of cooling throughout makes the wine full of zest when you open it later!

What Makes It So Grape?


Produced in Lugana, Italy

Montresor is one of Verona’s more famous winemakers. It has been making wonderful bottles of wine for well over a century.

They put a real emphasis on sustainable winemaking. They received organic certification in 2019, and already make most of their wine in lighter bottles to reduce their carbon footprint. The vineyards are also solar powered, so it’s not just the grapes that make the most of the Italian sun.