Silky and smooth chardonnay from California that punches well above its weight. Buy online at Vintner for next day delivery.


Riverstone Chardonnay, 2020, J. Lohr Estates, California


Big and bold, this Californian Chardonnay is not shy. The closest thing to a hug from a white wine you're going to get. We're talking a 10/10 hug, lingering, cosy leaving you wanting another, and another!



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Why we're in love with this wine

  • Loaded with white peaches, apricot and vanilla
  • Scored a staggering 99 points at the California State Fair Commercial Wine Show in 2022
  • Creamy new world Chardonnay that punches well above its weight
  • Perfect for long, long Sunday lunches with loved ones







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About this wine

California is famed for its bold Chardonnay, and this one is no exception to that rule. Buckle up, because this wine is a rollercoaster of flavour. It starts with ripe peach, apricot and a hint of fresh citrus, which then gives way to a lusciously lingering creamy vanilla until... wait, it's all gone, how did that happen? Best pour another glass.

There is something hedonistic about this wine. Imagine settling down on the sofa after a long week, taking your first sip, and just sinking beneath the cushions for a moment of pure bliss. Much like a classic film, this wine deserves your undivided attention, but if you've got to share it, make sure it's with someone you really like...

What Makes It So Grape?


Produced in California

Fifty years ago Jerry Lohr embarked on a career change. Armed with a background in agriculture, he had an innate sense of the relationship between climate, soil and location, which in wine terms equates to something special! Jerry was one of the first growers to explore the central coast of California, he focused on the region of Monterey and Paso Robles, originally planting 280 acres of vines, which has now expanded to 2,700. He is undoubtedly one of the pioneering early influencers in the area. Now over 80 years old, Jerry's children and business partners run the estate, but he keeps a close eye on proceedings!

The name of this particular wine stems from the soils the vines are grown in, better known as Elder loam soils. They are underlined by riverstones, deposited over thousands of years, from the Arroyo Seco River. These stones limit soil depth and improve drainage, and evidently help to produce some delicious wines!