Our Story

Does wine ever seem a bit much? Loads of choice, too many different unpronounceable names and no idea if you’re going to enjoy what’s in the bottle. Sure, they say this wine goes with fish and that one goes with beef, but which one goes with a Friday night in with your friends? And which should you open the first time you’re cooking for a new love interest?

Vintner began when two seasoned wine enthusiasts/professionals looked at the way wine was being marketed to the modern drinker, got frustrated and said, “what the f*ck are we doing?” Why is wine intimidating and condescending? Why are people paying so much for some bottles and not others?

Having spent a whole load of money on misleading and underwhelming wine, Hamish & Julia set out to make wine easy. Easy to choose, easy to buy and easy to enjoy.

choosing wine

How We Pick Bottles

The first step in making wine easy is to make sure that everything we sell tastes great.

That's why we don't stock hundreds of bottles at bargain prices - we don't think you should be offered a disappointing bottle of wine.

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