Sustainability at Vintner

We’ve only got one planet and all of us are responsible for looking after it. We know wine isn’t the most sustainable industry. Growing grapes and keeping them healthy isn’t easy. Once the wine is in the bottle, it has to get to your door and that involves us getting wine from around the world, and then storing it, and sending it to you when you buy it.

We’re not 100% eco-friendly yet, but we’re working hard to get there, and here is how we’re doing it.


Our Website

We don’t have shops, everything we sell is online. We work with technology partners who follow sustainable practices. Our website runs on carbon neutral servers so that browsing your favourite wines isn’t bad for the planet.


Our Products

We work with certified sustainable producers as often as we can. More than 50% of our wines are vegan or vegetarian and we’re increasing the number of organic wines too. We buy our wine from UK suppliers to limit the need for extra shipping, and when we do have to buy from overseas, we get our wine shipped so that it limits the environment impact.

We also don’t sell harmful extras. You might get an all-natural tote bag, or a fully recyclable plastic wine glass, but we’ll never send you something that is bad for the planet. Ever.


Our Deliveries

We know that sending our wine to you is one of our biggest carbon footprints, so we’ve taken steps to change that. We now work with DPD and all of our deliveries are carbon neutral. You can find out more about how DPD are working to be the greenest delivery company in the UK here.


After The Last Drop

Everything we send you in a Vintner delivery can be recycled. Our boxes are cardboard, and so is the inner that keeps the wine safe. It might not be the best-looking thing in the world, but it’s the best thing for the planet, and what you really want is the wine anyway.

All the wine we sell is in glass bottles and can be recycled. We don’t wine in plastic.


We know it’s not enough yet. There is always more we can do and it’s our promise to ourselves and you, that we keep finding ways to become carbon negative.