Syrah 2016 Keermont Estate

South Africa

Syrah 2016 Keermont Estate, Stellenbosch


The return of this wine to our list is comparable to the Spice Girls comeback tour, aka pretty epic. After it’s short hiatus, it's come back tasting bigger and better than ever. If you're a fan of our Keermont white, it would be rude not to try the red now wouldn't it!



Single bottle (75cl)

Single bottle (75cl)

The Four Point Lowdown

  • Seductive dark fruits with a very subtle hint of spice
  • Concentrated AF and smoother than George Clooney
  • Pair with a big old juicy lamb chop
  • Perfect for date night




South Africa



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About this wine

This is a wine with style. There's no need for fancy labels, just open her up and let the wine do the talking, you won't be disappointed. This wine is like a gentle log flume ride at a theme park, it's a journey, but with no nasty shocks. It starts with an enticing dark fruit edge, which eventually gives way to a subtle spiciness that is slightly vanilla like and herby all at the same time. You'll be hooked after just one sip, what we like to call, a one sip wonder.

Keermont's style is rich and indulgent, their wine's are all firm 'head tilters'. By this we mean, it's very hard not to tilt your head back in pure delight after each sip, so anyone recovering from a neck injury, you've been warned…..At Vintner HQ we often talk about what we're opening after work (we do work sometimes), and whenever anyone says Keermont, it's always followed with an 'owhhhh' of jealousy. I'd keep this in the 'treat myself' cupboard, because it's a certified belter!

What Makes It So Grape?

87% Mourvèdre

Produced in Stellenbosch, South Africa

Keermont estate is ran by a tight knit team of 15, they do everything from caring for the vines to getting the final products shelf ready. Set on two adjacent farms in the Western Cape of South Africa, Keermont favours the natural above the scientific, with the aim that their wines will reflect the beautiful place they came from.

Each wine is crafted meticulously, for example, this Syrah is taken for three different sites all adding different qualities to result in the perfect blend.