A flavour explosion from this Italian grape, Barbera, grown in Australia. Buy now and get next day delivery on this juicy red wine.


Alpha Box & Dice 'Enigma' Barbera, McLaren Vale 2019, McLaren Vale


You might look at this label and think, well this looks a bit cool now doesn’t it. Well, it not only looks fabulous, but has the taste to match! If you’re looking for something close to a flavour explosion, then please keep reading…

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Single Bottle (75cl)

Single Bottle (75cl)

The Four Point Lowdown

  • A lively party of cherry, plum and wild berries in your mouth.
  • A true flavour explosion of ripe fruits with subtle tannins.
  • Pairs great with gamey meats, or by itself
  • Perfect for taking to your ‘cool’ friends for dinner.






McLaren Vale

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About this wine

This wine is made from 100% Barbera, a grape that famously hails from the hills of Piemonte in Italy. This grape is very rarely seen in Australia, but we can’t think why as this is absolutely divine! The hot Australian sun looks good on this bold Italian grape.

If there’s one word that springs to mind when we think of this wine, it’s concentrated. The flavours are so wonderfully powerful yet fresh. There is a real party for the palette with flavours of wild berries, plumb and cherry, with even a hint of rhubarb that gives it a real grown up and complex finish. DIVINE. Italy and Australia should play together more often! 

What Makes It So Grape?


Produced in McLaren Vale, Australia

AB&D was established by three ‘slightly bonkers’ (in their own words) chaps, Dylan, Justin and Sam. They set up shop in the McLaren Vale in 2008, and they have a great modern and cutting-edge approach to making wines, with a real sense of fun. They’re tackling stylistic and regional barriers one grape at a time, and we think they’re fab.

The boys plan to create a wine for each letter of the alphabet, with each wine having a unique character and story to tell. These boys are really shaking up the wine scene and we love it.