André Clouet Silver Brut Nature Champagne, NV, Grand Cru Grande Réserve


André Clouet Silver Brut Nature Champagne, NV, Grand Cru Grande Réserve, Champagne


This is as crisp as fresh snowfall on a sunny winter's day. Fresh, bright acidity bursts from each fine bubble, balanced beautifully with the complexity of the Pinot Noir grape.



Single bottle (75cl)

Single bottle (75cl)

The Four Point Lowdown

  • Lemon zest, crisp and fresh
  • Lean, clean, and guilt free
  • Pairs perfectly with sushi
  • Perfect pal for the days when you're watching your waistline







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About this wine

For this Champagne, Jean-François Clouet has decided to let his Pinot Noir grapes speak for themselves, by not adding any 'dosage' - a sugary mixture often used to make Champagne less dry. There's still lots of bready, rich flavours as to be expected from such a high-quality Champagne, but it's the freshness that is the real stand-out characteristic here.

When talking about Jean-François Clouet's wines, it's hard not to quote him, as he's already come up with the best lines. He says his friends refer to this Brut Nature style as 'Champagne Pow Pow!' and we can't really think of a better tasting note. If you ever needed a wine to be paired with high-octane snowboarding, then this is THE one. Pow! like a crisp smack of the lips. Pow! like fresh snow.

What Makes It So Grape?

Pinot Noir

Produced in Champagne, France

Founded in 1741, Champagne André Clouet is a globally renowned producer located in the Grand Cru village of Bouzy.

The enigmatic owner and winemaker JFC (Jean Francois Clouet) comes from a long line of vignerons who have dedicated themselves to creating impeccable Champagne. JFC, who by the way is one of the most entertaining hosts, has been obsessed with making Champagne since he was a boy, fondly naming the tanks in his winery after his childhood heroes, including Zeus, Thor, D'artagnon, Zorro and Michelle Pfeiffer.