BBQ Best Case

BBQ Best Case

Be BBQ ready with this case of lip-smacking delicious wines that go perfectly with grilled meats, veg and summery salads. Includes four reds and two whites that will have you and your guests sipping into the night.

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Six Bottle Case

Making The Case

Click those tongs and get ready for some juicy BBQ winners

So, what’s in the box? The food is marinating, the garden table laid up and your BBQ tongs are on standby. To kick things off we're heading to Portugal for a love affair with a sun-kissed Dão before cracking open a bottle of classically sexy Shiraz from Languedoc, France. Both of these are big, ripe and juicy reds perfect with steaks or chargrilled, smokey flavours. Follow that with a bottle of Chardonnay from legendary winemaker J. Lohr for a lightning bolt of ripe peach and apricot and creamy vanilla notes. Next it's a BBQ's best friend, a Côtes du Rhône, but not just any. Think of the Boutinot 'Les Coteaux' as the Côtes du Rhône that'll hold your hand on your way to flavour town. We've been there, trust is, it's full of silky, sweet spice and a lot more accessible than other bottles from this part of the world.

Now you've eased into the cooking and there's food on the table, slip open a Bordeaux Supèrieur with bouncing blackcurrant and cherry flavours. Finally, a dangerously gluggable number from South Africa, Secateurs Chenin Blanc, which is perfect for any garden affair, and anyone with tastebuds for that matter.