Great Bear 'Goldschatz' TBA, Oliver Zeter


Great Bear 'Goldschatz' TBA, Oliver Zeter, Pfalz


We defy anyone to not like this wine. A golden elixir of titanic proportions (despite the stubby bottle), the name for this wine translates as 'Pot of Gold'. You've certainly hit the jackpot if you have a glass of this in your hand.


Ripe apricots


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About this wine

Serendipity allowed Oliver Zeter to happen upon this wine, and we're so glad it did. Back in 2007, he harvested his first 100 litres of Trockenbeerenauslese (the top tier of German sweet wine) from a blend including Sauvignon Blanc. He left it to ferment, and then completely forgot about it until 2011 when moving cellars. When he tasted to find it was delicious, he was ecstatic, and decided to blend in some other wine treasures he'd been storing for the right moment, tasting along with some winemaker friends. A star was born! True to Zeter style, no two productions of this wine are the same, using different grapes from different vintages in different ratios. The one thing they always share is that they taste sensational.

Gather a group of friends (admittedly they need a sweet tooth) and all take a long, slow sip. Then, look around at everyone's face - it will be an expression of sheer joy, like the first time a child has cake. There are so many layers of flavours - yellow fuits, marmalade, honey, coffee, chocolate, lemon curd - everyone will taste something different, and everyone will love it. 

What Makes It So Grape?



Sauvignon Blanc

Produced in Pfalz, Germany

Oliver Zeter and his brother Christian bottled their first vintage in 2007. Not your typical winemaker, Oliver started from scratch and isn't bound by family traditions in the way he approaches making his wines.

Cultivating 6 hectares of the premier sites in Palatinate, Pfalz, Oliver works closely with growers to source the best fruit from across all of Pfalz. His meticulous approach to sourcing fruit carries through to his practices in the winery. Creating a range of wines from Sauvignon Blanc to Syrah, Oliver is a brilliant winemaker and a bit like a bear himself.