Jaaa-Bru!! Malbec, 2019, Blank Bottle

South Africa

Jaaa-Bru!! Malbec, 2019, Blank Bottle, Western Cape


It wasn't hard to get your attention with a label like this, its cool right! But do the contents live up to the exterior?! Panic over, it's delicious. If it's possible for a wine to taste as cool as it looks, then this does just that.



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South Africa


Western Cape

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About this wine

It's not all that often you see a Malbec from South Africa, but with a grape so smooth and delicious, you can hardly blame them for jumping on the band wagon. This wine really lets the grape do the talking, it's beautifully uncomplicated yet complex in flavour at the same time. It has all that we want from a classic Malbec (us Brits are a sucker for it), ripe flavours of plum, cherry and blackcurrant, with subtle hints of spice that will have you sprinting to your fireplace, or have you wishing that you had one!

The winemaker behind this rather 'cool' tipple is a self-professed 'surfer dude'. He's known for answering his phone with “Jaaaa Bru?” (hence the name of the wine), which translates to “Yes, my brother?” in English. This calm and collected fashion comes through in his wines, some winemakers get caught up in the technicalities of making the perfect wine, but as this wine displays, stripping it back to it's purest form and just enjoying the process tastes darn good!

What Makes It So Grape?


Produced in Western Cape, South Africa

The Blank Bottle Winery has a unique and fun concept, they don't own any vineyards, and so buy from up to 70 vineyards. Head winemaker Pieter loves to tell stories through wines, and doesn't want taste to be inhibited by preconceived ideas about certain varieties etc, therefore all their wines are labelled very plainly.

The Blank Bottle concept also means Pieter can have enormous fun with the creations he makes, with no limitations in terms of varieties, vintages or area the possibilities really are endless.