La Pierre du Diable Rosé, 2020, Rhonea Artisans Vignerons


La Pierre du Diable Rosé, 2020, Rhonea Artisans Vignerons, Rhône Valley


So fruity it's almost sinful. Grab the nearest ice bucket, some glasses, and some friends, and prepare to be refreshed. Devilishly delicious.


Single bottle (75cl)

Single bottle (75cl)

The Four Point Lowdown

  • Could more red berries get in a bottle? No.
  • Surprisingly interesting for a gluggable pink
  • Pairs well with cherry tomato if you must, but better alone!
  • Perfect for when you have an ice bucket and nothing to do






Rhône Valley

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About this wine

This is an ideal rosé for when the moment calls for something chilled, refreshing and seriously glug-able. There's plenty of crunchy red fruit flavours that give the wine lots of character, giving it that perfect balance between flavoursome, yet easy-drinking.

The rock pictured on the label is called La Pierre du Diable, or “Devil’s Rock”, which overlooks Notre Dame d’Aubune Chapel, near where the grapes for this wine are grown. According to legend, it has three claw marks left by the devil who wanted to destroy the chapel, which was saved by the Virgin Mary. We're not surprised it took a bit of divine intervention to make a rosé this good such good value for money.

What Makes It So Grape?



Grenache noir


Produced in the Rhône Valley, France

Rhonéa is a family of over 388 artisan winegrowers who have chosen to pool their expertise and breathe life into a creative, ground-breaking model, based on their knowledge of Rhône Valley wines. Strongly attached to their terroir and family estates, these artisans’ typically French skills have been passed down through generations. It stands to reason that they are strong advocates for their region, good food and wine, simplicity, and pleasure.

This wine is produced in the Ventoux appellation, which is a wine-growing sub-region within the Rhône Valley. AOC Ventoux wines – whether they’re red, white or rosé – draw all their flair and delicious vivacity from the cool nights and pure air of Mont Ventoux. The grape varieties benefit from an outstanding terroir and preserved biodiversity that helps them express themselves.