La Tordera Alnè DOC Prosecco Extra Dry


La Tordera Alnè DOC Prosecco Extra Dry, Veneto


Putting the Pro in Prosecco, our unbeatable Alnè is top of the pops. Packed with well balanced flavour and fine, twinkly bubbles, because we all need a little sparkle sometimes.

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Single bottle (75cl)

Single bottle (75cl)

The Four Point Lowdown

  • Lemons, limes, pears and sherbet
  • Fine little bubbles are clean and bright
  • Pairs well with Thai takeaway
  • Perfect for a (living room) disco for two







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About this wine

We know that Prosecco is readily available everywhere, so we wanted to bring you something a bit special. Our Alnè is the best example of this popular Italian tipple. Fruity, refreshing and expertly balanced. The bottle is made from recycled glass and the vineyard use Organic, Vegan and Sustainable practices... (polishes halo*).

What sets this Prosecco apart from all the others? It tastes ruddy gorgeous! Think fresh juicy pears, the tartness of a big yellow apple and the smell of wisterias all harmoniously dancing in fine and persistent bubbles. This is the Prosecco that the Italians want to keep for themselves!

What Makes It So Grape?



Produced in Treviso, Italy

Owned and run by the Vettoretti family, who are all involved in various roles - the winemaker is the youngest son Paolo Vettoretti, his brother Renato is the vineyard manager who is supported by an oenologist, Luca Da Lozzo, and two viticulturalists - Mauro Villanova and Thomas Zanco.

The new La Tordera winery, built in 2001, expanded first in 2011 and then in 2018, has obtained the “CasaClima Wine” certification, a protocol created by Agenzia CasaClima in Bolzano with the end goal of guaranteeing the sustainability of buildings dedicated to wine production. It evaluates three areas connected to sustainability: ecological quality, socio-cultural quality and economic quality. These determine the environmental impact of the building and housing comfort, the consumption of energy and water in the production of wines, the choice of packaging and the effect of transportation.